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Aleria launches with parlayplus, the first parlay bonus crytpo sportsbook

Aleria Media expands it's line of clients with a new partner, ParlayPlus is a website with a specific promotion, it is a Parlay/Acca/Multi only website, that gives you bonus odds based off of the amount of legs you take in your bet. ParlayPlus allows for up to a 60% bonus on top of the usual odds you would get for a bet.

With the introduction of the Aleria Media Horse Racing Platform, ParlayPlus looks to give it's clients larger bonuses on their bets, while also giving their clientbase a new product they've been desperately asking for.

ParlayPlus's CTO complimented our cost effectiveness and efficiency in intergrating our system.

The Aleria Solution worked out to be the most cost effective solution for both setup and ongoing costs. The Aleria team were efficient and effective with their integration of their product to our preexisting system.

- Stephen W CTO of

As ParlayPlus clients have been after this product for a while now, we know that ParlayPlus will definitely see an increase in both their turnover and profits. We wish ParlayPlus the best and know our ongoing relationship will take their product to the next level.

If you're looking to start a book, or add some new products to a preexisting one, contact us now to see what we can do for you today!